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Oman all set for Beach Handball World Championships

Deu Oman Daily Observer Wed, 18 April 2012

Al Hinai unveils tournament logo, draw scheduled for May 5 — By A Seshagiri Rao — MUSCAT — The Oman Handball Association (OHA) yesterday unveiled the logo of the Beach Handball World Championships while the Sultanate declared the readiness to successfully host the first ever world championship in the country.

During a simple ceremony organised at the City Seasons Hotel, Organising Committee Chairman, Rashad al Hinai, who is also the Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Sports Affairs, officially unveiled the logo after briefing the local media about the preparations in place for the championship.

The Beach Handball World Championships, to be hosted at Al Musannah Sports City from June 8 to 14, will see participation of the top men’s and women’s teams from across the world. Al Hinai said: “The preparations are in full swing and everything is progressing as we planned. “We have formed five committees and each committee is entrusted with special tasks like medical, accommodation, security and public relations that will help in smooth running of the championships.”

“We are involving people from the handball association and the Ministry of Sports Affairs besides other organisations like ROP. We are in constant touch
with these organisations and co-ordinating with all the committees as we get ready for the championships,” he added. He also informed that all the teams will be staying in Musannah during the event.

“The accommodation for all the 24 teams (12 men and 12 women) will be provided at Al Musannah Sports City,” he said. Speaking about the draw ceremony, he said: “The championships draw will take place on May 5. It’s going to be a big day for us. There will be representatives from the participating teams and we are also expecting the top officials of the International Handball Federation, including chairman Dr Hassan Moustafa to arrive for the ceremony.”


Meanwhile, OHA Chairman Said al Busaidi, who is also the Vice-Chairman of the Organising Committee, expressed confidence in hosting the championships successfully.
Speaking about the Oman national team, he said: “Our national team are currently camping in Turkey and they will return home on April 24, after which we are planning to host a tournament involving four or five teams.”
“We are also planning to send our team to Hungary and Switzerland where they will also be playing two tournaments," he informed.

“After they will travel to Thailand to defend the title at the annual international tournament hosted by Thailand.”
The national team are scheduled to take part in the third Asian Beach Games to be organised in Chinese city of Haiyang from June 16 to 23.

“After the Asian Beach Games, the team will be training in a country which more hotter than Oman to prepare them for the hot weather we will experience during the championships. During the championships the matches will be played from 6.00 pm to 12 midnight. Most probably they will be training in Qatar and Kuwait,” he said. “We will also host a four-day test event prior to the championships,” he added.

Logo Oficial do Mundial de Oman 2012

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Oman Handball Team Head to Turkey for a Training Camp

Deu no Oman Daily Observer Mon, 02 April 2012

New coach Abdelatty selects 20 players — By Sanjay Chakhaiyar — MUSCAT — Everything is going in the right direction for the Oman Handball Association (OHA). After the official announcement of the Sultanate hosting the World Beach Handball Championship at the Musannah Sports City from July 8 to 13, it looks that the association is fully geared up to hold a successful international event.

‘‘We are all well prepared to host a world championship of this magnitude,’’ said Said al Busaidy, the chairman of OHA. The OHA chief was speaking during the signing ceremony of new Oman beach handball coach Wael Abdelatty at the City Seasons Hotel yesterday. ‘‘At present Abdelatty will have a one-year contract with the association,'' Al Busaidy said.

The OHA chief looked happy that they have been granted a golden opportunity to host the World Beach Handball Championship. ‘‘It’s indeed a great privilege for all of us that the Sultanate will be holding a world-level competition in which 24 international men and women teams will take part.'' Meanwhile, Abdelatty will be in the thick of action soon after taking up the assignment and will travel with Oman team to Turkey today.

''Our boys will travel to Turkey today for a training till this month end”, said Abdelatty. ‘‘Twenty players have been selected for the sojourn to Turkey,’’ the coach added. ‘‘Thereafter we plan to have a five-nation friendly tournament from May 5 to 10 in which Qatar and Spain are expected to participate. After this we will go to Thailand in the first week of June.'' ‘‘This will be very important for us as Oman will be participating in the third Asian Beach Games in Haiyang, China from June 16 to 22.''

‘‘We have to give top priority to the Asian Beach Games,’’ the new coach emphasised. ''The test event ahead of our preparations for the World Beach Handball Championship will be held in the first week of July.'' ''Beach handball is a crazy game and one needs to have full concentration during the game,'' Abdelatty elaborated while speaking about the game. When asked as to who were the favourites Abdelatty stated that undoubtedly Brazil are the hot favourites.

‘‘Brazil are the clear favourites to win the World Beach Handball Championship,'' said Abdelatty. ‘‘The other big teams expected to participate in the championship will be Croatia, Spain, Hungry and Egypt.'' Meanwhile, the OHA chairman is keen to form the various committees to hold the Games as soon as a possible. ‘‘We will be announcing the formation of the various committees within a week,’' said Al Busaidy.

''I must also thank the Ministry of Sports Affairs who rendered all help to the association in our hosting such an international tournament.'' According to the OHA chief the draws for the championship will be held at the end of April or the first week of May.


Para eles somos favoritos, porém não demonstram interesse em jogar com o Brasil. Uma pena!

Brasil nos World Games Beach Handball Masculino

I World Games Beach Handball 01

Brasil - 3º Lugar
Na foto - Guerra Peixe (Téc.); Gerson Palito (SC); Fábio Dias (SC); Billy (PR); Alemão (SC); Gilberto (SC); Cesar Cachorrão (SC); Flávio Cassilatti (RJ); Everaldo Lopes (RJ) e meio agachado Ricardo (SC).

Estiveram diretamente envolvidos:
Willian Felippe (CBHb) e Stanley Mackenzie (Supervisor) e Luiz Felipe Caldas (Aux. Técnico).

II World Games Beach Handball 05

Brasil - Último Lugar
Na foto - Cyrillo Avelino (RJ); Flávio Cassilatti (RJ); Alindo (SC); Alexandre Folhas (SP); Gerson Palito (SC); Alberto Caldas (Aux. Téc.); Guerra Peixe (Téc.); Fábio Dias (SC); Jarison Pereira (PB); Cesar Cachorrão (SC); Gil Vicente (PB) e Ricardo China (SP).

Estiveram diretamente envolvidos:
Willian Felippe (CBHb) e Stanley Mackenzie (Supervisor).

III World Games Beach Handball 09

Brasil - Campeão
Na foto - Daniel Baldacin (SC); Wellington Gulliver (SP); Cyrillo Avelino (RJ); Bruno Carlos (PB); Jarison Pereira (PB); Antônio Djhandro (CE); Anderson Coxinha (PE); Nailson Amaral (CE); Paulinho Martins (Aux. Téc.); Jefte Leite (CE); Gil Vicente (PB) e Guerra Peixe (Téc.).

Estiveram diretamente envolvidos:
Stanley Mackenzie (Supervisor) e Juliana Cubo (Fisioterapeuta).

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Brasil nos Pan Americanos de Beach Handball Masculino

I Pan Americano Beach Handball 98
Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro Bra

Campeão - Brasil
Na foto - Ernesto Paese (PR); Ednaldo (PR); Emerson Gessing (PR); Billy (PR); Guerra Peixe (Téc.) e Flávio Cassilatti (RJ). Fábio Dias (SC); Everaldo Lopes (RJ) e Gerson Palito (SC).

Estiveram diretamente envolvidos:
Manoel Luiz (CBHb); Arline (CBHb); Homero (CBHb); Willian Felippe (CBHb) e Stanley Mackenzie (Supervisor) e Alberto Caldas (Aux. Técnico).

II Pan Americano Beach Handball 99
Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro Bra

Bi Campeão - Brasil
Na foto - Fábio Dias (SC); Marcos Tio Roy (RJ); Flávio Cassilatti (RJ); Drean (SC); Billy (PR);Gerson Palito (SC); Everaldo Lopes (RJ) Ivan Macarrão (SP).

Estiveram diretamente envolvidos:
Manoel Luiz (CBHb); Arline (CBHb); Homero (CBHb); Willian Felippe (CBHb) e Stanley Mackenzie (Supervisor) e Luiz Felipe Caldas (Aux. Técnico) e Guerra Peixe (Técnico).

III Pan Americano Beach Handball 04
Pocitos/Montevidéu Uru

Tri Campeão - Brasil
Na foto - Ernesto Paese (PR); Fábio Dias (SC); Everaldo Lopes (RJ); Gerson Palito (SC); Ronald Amorin (RJ); Danilo Pré (SP); Guerra Peixe (Téc.); Stanley (Superv.); Alberto Caldas (Aux. Téc.). Flávio Cassilatti (RJ); David (SP); Billy (PR); e Cesar Cachorrão (SC).

IV Pan Americano Beach Handball 08
Pocitos/Montevidéu Uru

Tetra Campeão - Brasil
Na foto - Stanley (Supervisor); Cyrillo Avelino (RJ); Emanuel Gusmão (RJ); Antônio Djhandro (CE); Gil Vicente (PB); Jarison Pereira (PB); Paulinho Martins (Aux. Téc.). Guerra Peixe (Téc.); Baldacin (SP); Bruno Carlos (PB); Fábio Dias (CE); Jefte Leite (CE) e Anderson Pezão (SP).

IV Pan Americano Beach Handball 12
Pocitos/Montevidéu Uru

Penta Campeão - Brasil
Na foto - Fabiano (Fisiot.); Nailson Amaral (CE); Caio Gabínio (PB); Jadson Félix (PB); Thiago Gusmão (RJ); Guerra Peixe (Téc.). Jaime Torres (RJ); Jarison Pereira (PB); Bruno Carlos (PB); Diogo Vareta (RJ); Wellington Gulliver (PB); Anderson Pezão (SP); Antônio Djhandro (Aux. Téc.) e Stanley (Supervisor).