domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2012

Grande Notícia!

Notícia enviada por Titi, técnico da equipe do Uruguai feminino e organizador do V Pan Americano da modalidade.

USA se Inscrevem nos Jogos Pan Americanos de Beach Handball, naipe feminino. Leiam...

USA Team Handball announced today that the Women’s National Team (WNT) will represent the United States of America at the upcoming PATHF Beach Championships in Montevideo, Uruguay.

General Manager Dave Gascon indicated he was happy for the WNT, but somewhat disappointed that the Men’s National Team (MNT) would not be competing.

“We immediately had a tremendous amount of interest by members of the Women’s National Team Pool. Unfortunately, we did not have much interest whatsoever by members of the Men’s National Team Pool. The timing is particularly poor as many of our players are in season in Europe and under contract. The late announcement of tournament details leaves very little opportunity for players to work with their teams to get time away from obligations."

Gascon indicated he and Technical Director Mariusz Wartalowicz will roll up their sleeves and work overtime to put the detail together for the trip. Gascon said USATH would make immediate notifications to PATHF and formally announce the team in the imminent future.

Gascon, Wartalowicz, and Chairman Jeff Utz of the Board of Director have all been strong proponents of having USA National Teams re-engaging in all aspects of PATHF competitions, including challenging the established beach handball community. The next scheduled major event for a Senior USA National Team will be for the MNT the Pan Am Championships in Argentina this coming June.

In a related development, Wartalowicz is completing plans to hold National Team tryouts, hoping to build a reservoir of outstanding athletes from which Team USA National Teams will be selected. Tentative plans are for tryouts to be held on Saturday, April 14, during the High School and Collegiate Championships in Richmond, as well as Friday, May 18, during the USA National Club Championships in Minneapolis.

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Natalia Voss disse...

Que maneiro!!!! Muito legal!! Sinal que nossa modalidade esta crescendo a cada dia.. em todos os cantos do mundo! SHOW DE BOLA!!

Djhandro Ricardo disse...

Mis uma seleção praticando a modalidade é um excelente indicativo de seu crescimento!!!

Djhandro Ricardo

Marcio Magliano disse...

Ótimas notícias! Fantástico!

Great News! Awesome!