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Polônia se Prepara para Campeonato Europeu

Publicada na página da EHF matéria sobre a preparação da equipe polonesa de Beach Handball. Leiam e vejam a seriedade com que o técnico polonês encara a competição.


Beach handball is still a relatively new sport discipline in Poland, but each year more tournaments are played and participation is growing.

“I think that Polish beach handball has made huge progress during the last few years. Our main goals during the European Beach Handball Championship in Randers are advance to next round and fight for the best result in the next phase.

“If we look for Polish club's achievement in European Beach Tour, we will think positive”

“We dream about a medal. The tournament isn't only a holiday for us. We want to gain more than in previous tournaments and qualify for the World Championship. It is within our reach,” said Arkadiusz Fajok, coach of Poland´s men's beach handball team.

“My team is a blend of young and older players. They are a very strong group. We were preparing to the tournament in Denmark during short camps in Sierpc, Inowrocław and Random, where we are working on tactics and fitting together.”

Tough competition

Poland's men will face medallists from the 2011 championship, Russia and Spain as well as Switzerland, Norway, Italy and the hosts in Group B when the tournament throws off on 14 July.

“We face very strong and tough teams in our group. We know that this tournament won't be easy for us, but it is a European championship so there aren't week teams.

“We have played with each team during previously tournaments. In my opinion the favourite teams are Spain and Russia to win the group.

“In addition, Denmark could be very dangerous, because they play in front of their spectators, it should be an advantage for them. Norway is always well prepared to tournaments, but I suppose that Switzerland could be the dark horse in Randers, anything can happen,” Concluded Fajok. 

TEXT: Maciej Firlej / cor 


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